Catering to our guests, is what we enjoy most. The catering team is ready and available to provide the ultimate event. You can host a party like no other, knowing you're in good hands.

Yes, a gift card shows gratitude, appreciation and love to someone, and it also demonstrates your taste in the finer things of life, your favorite restaurant... Ours!

Our individual attention is reflected in our full-service style, from a low-key casual gathering to a more sophisticated event, our venue location can be transformed into a reflection of your style and occasion.

Enjoy live music with friends along with a refreshing martini, glass of wine, or cocktail in our upstairs Martini Lounge.

A reserved private dining experience is yours for the taking.... we'll have it all set; whether for business or pleasure.

Event Reservation Inquiry

(214) 701-4409

Book an event with us and you will receive a $200 Gift Certificate which can be redeemed at a future date.

​​"Come and enjoy our flavorful contemporary American-styled French cuisine, with wine pairings from the cellar, and our excellent personal service.   A wonderful dining experience, reserved just for you".  

​                                                                         Thanks,

                                                                                                                                          Chef Aaron Thomas